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Safety Features

  • Wrap high temperature pipes
  • Wrap high temperature valves
  • Wrap high temperature extruders
  • Wrap turbo chargers
  • Wrap big truck exhaust applications
  • Wrap commercial engines exhaust 
  • Wrap industrial applications
  • Protect from the heat of marine engine exhaust
  • Steamlines
  • Incinerators
Protect your employees and personnel from burns and accidents by wrapping most any hot surface around work stations or work site. Protect not only your employee from injury, protect your investment in your company as well.  Keep your insurance rates down, and protect yourself from the expense of treating a wounded employee as well as losing the profit from the time lost while they are out of work.   Statistics prove that multiple plant injuries could have been prevented, and we can help you improve safety most anywhere in that environment.  Contact us today!  

About the Insulation

How it's Made

The insulation is made to withstand 700 degrees exterior, and 2100 degrees interior for our standard order.  These can be made with a water resistant coating, they are custom sized, can come in rolls, or can be made into D-ring blankets.  We offer a standard 3in wide, 60ft long roll that is cross sewn every 16 inches so that you can cut it in the length required for your particular project. Another standard order is a 14in wide, 46ft long roll.  This is cross sewn every 6 inches and designed to be cut at 24in intervals.   These dimensions can be changed based on your specific needs. 
The high tempterature insulation is crafted from high temperature fiberglass exterior, and ceramic interior.  It is then sewn to match the needs of your specific sizes.  This product is crafted at our shop, and 100% made in America.  
Efficiency and Energy Savings
When you wrap your extruders, pipes, or valves with our high temperature insulation, you keep the heat where it belongs.  This in turn will keep you from losing heat, and keep the areas that you don't want heat much cooler.  Your energy savings alone will allow our product to pay for itself over a short period of time.  
Malone Enterprises

Safety and Efficiency

Here at Malone Enterprises we build more than hot rods.  We also manufacture a high temperature insulation to keep your company safe from injury, and create a much more efficient environment for you.  Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your company.